Using state of the art equipment, our innovative methods are used to capture the true sound in our recordings. Offering a copious variety of microphones, and different recording techniques, we are certain we can get the sound you are looking for.


Mixing and Mastering

Our certified audio engineers are trained in delivering a clean professional sound for just about any genre. Proving an unparalleled creative experience, we go above and beyond to create a unique mix that stands out from the rest of the industry.


Creative Sessions – Production

Music is what we live for.

Dead Rose Studios has a wide-range background of producing, writing, and composing for all types of genres. Our top priority is to work with our clients to provide an uncompromising experience.


Live Room

Bands and solo artists welcomed to book our studio for rehearsals or practicing in our comfortable space. Contact us for more details.



Get professional photos taken live during session, or set up a shoot with our world class photographers.


Let us help you! Sit down with us for sessions to utilize our years on knowledge of the music industry for tips and advice to make your music better.


Need a music video for your new song? A clip for your social media? We got you covered.


Shoot for the stars! Let’s discuss increasing your fanbase by getting your music discoverd by the people who want to hear it.